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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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have found this missing 10- year-old boy who ran away from home. chad kendrick hasn't been scene since yesterday. he was at a friend's house and is now safe and sound. 5:00 on the dot. good morning, thanks for waking up with abc action news. now all we need are clear skies and clear roads. ivan? >> reporter: we'll check in with janelle in 30 seconds here, but clear skies weather- wise on the first upper 70s to around 80. it's fall but it's not. 75 across zephyr hills. yesterday, you have the 20% coverage of thunderstorms. most of us staying dry again for today, as we have limiting factors here dry air above and that will keep us quite dry, i think. rain chances are 20%. temperatures are climbing into the low 90s, which means the humidity will make it feel about 100.
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watching the road on the live drive cam. he's on 275 heading southbound around bush. traffic is light out there this time of the morning. no crashes and breakdowns to slow you down. we're checking cameras across the bay area. here is what it looks like at the howard frankland bridge. less than ten minutes to guess across all three bridges. a live look at i-4 at the polk parkway. traffic is light out there. it will take you 22 minutes to get from downtown tampa. we are all in the green. i-4, 275 over in pinellas county. 5:01. for the third night in a row, protesters filled the streets. >> these demonstrations were mostly peaceful unlike overnight wednesday. a protester who was shot wednesday died from his
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protesters are calling for the release now of the dash cam and body cam footage that shows the moment scott was killed. scott's family says he didn't own a weapon. the videos won't be made public until the investigation is over. the violent protests have led to more than 50 arrests and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. also no surprise that the protests in charlotte and across the country have a political issue. >> in one north carolina senator made controversial comments during a british newscast. >> well, the anger, they hate white people because white people are successful and they're not. >> representative robert pittinger represents the ninth congressional district in north carolina that includes part of charlotte. the democratic party called the remarks racist.
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and says it was taken out of context. >> i apologize for the comments. it was not in the context that many viewed them. my concern, frankly, for the disenfranchised individuals. frankly, is would quoting what they were saying. >> the controversial comments started trending on twitter overnight. new developments in a police shooting death in tulsa. authorities have charged that officer with manslaughter for killing prosecutors say officer betty shelby reacted unreasonably. video shows terrence crutcher with his hands up right before shelby shot him. shelby told investigators she feared for her life. she faces four years to life in prison in convicted. donald trump called for racial healing in response to the protests. >> the gop nominee said a lack of spirit between the white and black communities is causing
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suggesting that illegal drugs are partly to blame for the riots in charlotte. he also spoke in support of police. >> we must work with our police, not against our police. they are great people, and they do a great job. [ cheers and applause ] those peddling the nod, this is supported by a opponent. you see what she's saying? it is not good, shared directly in the responsibility of the unrest that is afflicting our country. >> trump also endorsed stop and frisk before it was ruled that it unfairly targets minorities opinion trump will take a break
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to get ready for monday's debate. clinton gave up a semi serious answer to what shoe would do if trump wins the election. >> let's talk about trump. >> let's. >> you see how well it works for donald trump. do you ever say to yourself, maybe i should be when he's elected president, would you move to canada? >> i would stay in the united states and try to prevent him from destroying the united states. >> clinton is preparing for the first presidential debate on monday. take a look at this tampa man facing 100 charges of child pornography. tampa police finding thousands of naked children on his cell phone. one appeared to be younger than 5 years old.
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seeing someone viewing child porn at work is how the investigation started. he is behind bars this morning. new details on a deadly attack. a tiger mauled stacy conwiser. a newly released form says staff found her lying in a pool of blood with the tiger standing over her. her jugular vein had been torn. the cause of death is listed as "bites to the neck fractured her spine and lacerated the jugular." the zoo blamed her death on her own error. police in tennessee say a man gunned down two of his co- workers before going into a bathroom and killing himself. it happened in eastern tennessee. police identified the shooter
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grief counselors will be at the plant today. a thief in south florida picked the wrong victim and it was caught on camera. the thief snatches a woman's purse and she tried to stop him. the security video caught her jumping on the hood of his car. the driver ran over her leg after she fell off. we do know this morning that she should make a full recovery. soon you will be able to get around downtown tampa early in the morning without drivin your car. starting monday, hart will begin operating the streetcar system at 7:00 a.m. the streetcars will run every 30 minutes from 7:00 until noon. for commuters, you can buy a special 20-ride pass for just 25 bucks. the cleanup process from flooding in pasco county is coming to a close three weeks after hermine struck. today is the last day for anyone to get rid of storm debris using the curbside
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every day picking up trash for free. landfill fees have been waived through october 15th. >> by the way, it's a 20% chance of rainfall this afternoon and former thunderstorms. as we look at the bus stop forecast, the sun is coming up at 7:19 with temperatures this afternoon. low 90s and the humidity feeling like 100. we'll have high rain chances. we'll talk about th in a couple of minutes. recalling chester who defends the molesters. >> a man testified adds an expert at dozens of child porn. a senator defends his daughter accused of raising the
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welcome back. it's 5:12. lying to protect child molesters for money. that's what the polk county sheriff said one expert witness did. chester testified in dozens of cases across the bay area. he was charging defense attorneys thousands of dollars to be an expert witness in cell phone data and computer science. his resume even listed him as having a top secret clearance from the feds and masters
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lies opinion now he faces felony charges. >> it doesn't take a lot of digging to figure out at least a portion of this is false. >> attorneys who hired him told abc action news they had no clue he allegedly padded his resume and would never hired him if they knew. investigators are now looking into whether any cases in which he testified were compromised. this morning, a u.s. senator is defending his decision to raise the price of a life-saving allergy drug by nearly 500%. the representative blames the costs on america's health care system. >> all prescription drugs are too high, as far as i'm concerned. we don't understand the pricing. if we learned anything yesterday, it's the convoluted pricing within the medical system. the prices are extremely high.
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epi pen price increases on a broken health care system that inventivizes higher prices -- incentivizes higher prices. nice temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. titan doppler radar to do much here. the 20% rain chance is clustered through highlands. we have one thunderstorm that wouldn't move over hillsborough there anywhere from 1 to 2 inches there. still under the influence of dry air up limit our rain chances for today. dry to the north. still moist to the south in south florida. keep in mind, they are not done with the thunderstorms. we're not eeither. it's just that we're taking a break from them as far as anything widespread. traveling up to the northeast? it's still warm before the front hits them and they get really cold heading into the weekend. we had nasty storms. a tornado dropped down in the
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the anemometers out there. hurricane force winds are about 95 feet up. 100 mile-per-hour winds. that is a potent storm system. this is how it looked as it rolled through ogden and utah getting hit. that has confirmed a tornado touching down there with conditions now improving as we head through today. 91 for us as our high temperature. keep in mind, we have plenty of humidity despite the lack of moisture upstairs. that will make the 91 feel like it's in again. 20% rain chance for saturday. the weekend looks good. it looks hot and humid and as far as rain coverage, we'll be in good shape. i think by early next week, moisture returns so that instead of 10 to 20% coverage, we'll have something more widespread here as far as affording all day rain events. plenty of sunshine early and afternoon thunderstorms.
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matt's behind the wheel of our live drive camera getting ready to cross the water into pinellas county. so far so good. your drive out there, the lanes are wide open this morning on the interstates. we have a crash to tell you about in pasco in the new port richey area right at state route 54. we have road blocks reported on the northbound lanes. all of my traffic indicators are in the green. traffic is still so light because it's so early. my eye on it, and i'll let you know. this is i-275 right at gandy up to speed from bridge to bridge. the sunshine sky way all the way down to the howard frankland. 14 minutes from the apex to i- 4. five minutes from bush to i- 4, and five minutes, the same drive that matt was just doing
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still ahead, a school superintendent fires back against a lunch lady who says she resigned after a child was shamed because her parents didn't pay the bill. the story went viral. >> first, the hacking of yahoo may be the largest of any e- mail provider in history. diane macedo and kendis gibson have the details. in yahoo reveals 500 accounts have been hacked. >> this happened in 2014. the fbi is currently investigating the matter. some iphone 7 users are experiencing a software glitch with the hired ear pods. -- wired ear pods. >> apple says the problem will be fixed in a software update soon. >> and the study finds that people who often count the
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photos and posts may not be leading a purposeful life. >> the number of "likes" won't affect those with a good sense of purpose and hey self-esteem as much as those who aren't as self-confident. >> so will you "like" my photo? >> i absolutely will.
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here's a sweet story. a little boy suffering a heart condition is going to walt disney world. the favorite disney characters greeted him at the airport before his family flew down to the magic kingdom. he's spent a lot of time in the hospital undergoing surgeries. his mother says seeing him happy and smiling is something you can't put a price on. the family is making the trip thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. a school superintendent now speaking out saying a claims that a lunch lady made about lunch shaming were false. you probably read the story on social media or even commented or shared it. lunch shaming is when a school denies a hot lunch to any opportunity whose parents have overdrawn accounts. instead, the children are given a cold cheese sandwich. one lunch lady in pennsylvania resigned after a boy started crying for having his hot lunch taken away, she said.
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not entirely true. >> there's no food thrown away. that's a big deal. there were no tears. i would never stand by knowing we humiliated or embarrassed a child. that is not okay, and that did not happen. >> reporter: stacy, the former worker whose story about lunch shaming went viral, hasn't responded to the district's side of the story. the district does plan to hold a public meeting to discuss the policy to see if they should make changes. a lot of you take advantage of th opportunities. if you want to see the latest, head to the tampa boat show this weekend. they will all be on display and you can learn insider tips on how to land the big one during fishing seminars. that show runs through sunday. still to come, how thousands can benefit over a toxic sinkhole lawsuit. >> and a call for a criminal investigation over sewage
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saying. good morning, everybody. we're almost at the weekend. we just have to get through this morning's commute first. so far so good, looking at fowler avenue. coming up, we'll check your drive on the veterans
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protests this charlotte in the face of a curfew and new demands from the crowds. >> women work more than men. it's just not all paid. that's according to one group, anyway. still ahead, how many more years of work janelle and i are doing than ivan and dan. >> do they need a study for that some i could have weighed in on that. thanks for waking up with abc. >> lindsay's in for deiah. work apparently. >> reporter: apparently. yeah. how's traffic looking out there? >> traffic is looking great. we'll talk about that coming up in a moment. >> get to work. >> that's a giant mug you have over there. my goodness. >> 79 in tampa right now. 77 in clear water. 80 degrees with clear skies out there looking pretty good for this morning. in fact, the commute weather- wise is not going to be an issue. through most of the day, we'll
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still looking at dry air up above. that will limit our rain chances. as i talked about yesterday, 20% coverage, right? we got that storm over downtown tampa. finally getting rain across the city here. the rest of us will be back into the low 90s and the humidity will make it feel like 100 plus. i think it will be similar heading into tomorrow. by sunday and into early next week, changes in our weather pattern that will bring us higher rain chances. we'll talk more about that. first, let'she weather center and check in with the traffic center. >> we'll say hello to clear water. matt is driving around for us behind the wheel of our drive camera. traffic is light out there. it's early. it's friday, why not start the weekend early. we are watching the one crash in new port richey.
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this, however. reports of road blocks in the northbound lanes. traffic indicators are all in the green. i'll keep my eye on it and let you know if i see any changes. i-275 at fowler, the taillights are heading toward us. the check of the toll roads are looking greet on the veterans expressway. protesters took to the streets of charlotte, north carolina for a third night. unlike the first two, demonstrations were peaceful even though a curfew was largely ignored. we have seen pictures of what happened next. the police chief says dash cam video tells more of the story. while not providing definitive


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